Thanks for the award!

I'd like to thank the folks at PDA 24-7 for naming Mobile Opportunity one of the two best mobile-related weblogs of 2005.

This would probably be a good time to say what I'm hoping to accomplish with this blog. I set it up as a way to share what I've learned about mobile computing, plus any other interesting tech-related information I run into in the course of my consulting work. So you're going to get a mix of mobile and non-mobile information. I'm not trying to advocate any particular company or product; I just want to help grow the industry and help users make well-informed decisions.

I'm trying for quality rather than quantity. I expect to post one or two times a week on average. Blogger produces an RSS feed, and I think that's a great way to read the material since I'm not posting every day.

I have received one report of a validation problem with my feed. I use Bloglines, and I know the feed works fine there. But if you run into problems, please contact me via the address here. Also please let know if you have questions or want to suggest any topics for me to cover.

Thanks for visiting.