(Re)Announcing Stop Flying Blind, my second weblog

I'm very happy to say that I've finally re-launched my second weblog, Stop Flying Blind. It's now hosted at a new location, using a different blogging tool, with a cool design. The design is by Michael Rohde, and the programming was done by Michael Ashby. They do great work, as you'll see if you check it out.

Stop Flying Blind is a book I'm writing on how to plan corporate and product strategy, using market and technology information. It's the summation of what I've learned through almost 20 years of work in strategy and product planning roles.
It's not focused on tech the way Mobile Opportunity is, and I hope it'll be useful to people in any industry who work in marketing, product management, strategy, and general management. I will continue to post all my tech commentary here, while general comments on management and business strategy will be in Stop Flying Blind.

I'll be posting a new section of the book about once a week (the first part is already posted). The idea is to get the first draft out there, collect feedback, and then hopefully get it into print in the future. Your comments and suggestions will be incorporated, and are encouraged.

If you're interested in the subject, I invite you give it a look.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mike! :-)