SaaS vs. Web 2.0

Here's something I wrote for the Rubicon Consulting weblog. I thought it might be of interest to folks here.

Web 2.0, meet Software as a Service.

SaaS, meet Web 2.0.

You two need to talk. You’re working on many of the same problems, but you don’t communicate well, and sometimes it seems like each of you barely knows that the other exists.

Web 2.0, you’re certainly fun to hang out with. Your conferences are full of exciting speakers predicting amazing things, and it seems like you come up with a new and interesting product every day. You also throw great parties.

Your name is all over the place, so much so that a lot of people aren’t even sure who you are. You seem to delight in being mysterious and difficult to pin down. SaaS secretly suspects that you may be faking it, like your older brother Bubble did...

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