New offers for startups, and established companies that need insight fast

Please forgive the commercial message, but I wanted to let folks know about a couple of new services that we're offering at Rubicon Consulting. We're trying to design services tailored to the special needs of tech companies, so I'm interested in feedback and suggestions.

Most of the work I do in my day job is big, traditional consulting projects for tech companies -- defining a product strategy, creating a marketing plan, etc. But we noticed two situations in which people needed something smaller and faster. That's what the new offers are about.

Boot Camp: Bringing a team up to speed on a critical industry issue

A Boot Camp is an interactive half-day working session, led by Rubicon's principals (that's me and our other principal, Nilofer Merchant), focused on one of the most important issues facing tech companies. We teach your team what's happening, opportunities and pitfalls, and best practices. And we lead them through brainstorming on exactly what you can do about it. The session is designed to drive alignment, set priorities, and challenge conventional thinking.

In 2007 we're offering Boot Camps on:
--Moving from the enterprise market into small and medium business
--How traditional software companies can compete with Web 2.0 (hint: It's not about posting your app for free online and selling ads)
--Mobile market essentials for non-mobile companies
--Defeating an assault by Microsoft
--Online marketing: Best practices and killer opportunities

The Rubicon Consultation: Advice for startups

If you're an entrepreneur, you often don't need a project, you just need seasoned advice. The Rubicon Consultation is designed and priced specifically for that situation. Our principals work with your core team in a custom half-day or full-day session focused on a deliverable, plan, or issue that you need to resolve. Just like a consultation with a doctor, it's a great way to get quick insight from a trusted advisor.

Consultation topics can include:
--Review and tune a key presentation
--Refine the pitch for an important alliance
--Brainstorm product features and value proposition
--Define a market opportunity
--Get independent feedback on your strategy
...or whatever else you need. Just call us and ask.

We've been doing consultations for about six months now while we tested the process, and they're a lot of fun.

Click on these links for more information on Rubicon Boot Camp or the Rubicon Consultation. Or drop me a note.

Thanks for listening.