Following up on "Mobile Applications, RIP"

I was very surprised by the volume of responses to last week's post on the decline of the mobile applications business. Many of the comments were passionate and well reasoned, and if you haven't seen them I recommend that you check them out here.

My biggest insight from the comments was that I had generalized too broadly about the mobile software world. Several mobile developers wrote in to say that they're doing just fine, thank you. Most of them seem to be either in enterprise mobile software, or doing contract development for major companies that have decided they want a mobile presence. In both cases, they have ways to get around the distribution logjam that I see as the biggest barrier to success in mobile software. I wasn't thinking about either of those developer categories when I wrote the post.

Anyway, I really appreciate all the comments. I learn a lot from the folks who post feedback, and I hope the comments are useful for you as well.


Azazello said...

Thank you Michael for a really insightful blog! I have a very quick question in relation to your article "Mobile Applications, RIP". Do you know any data source which can show how many US mobile phone users have unlimited internet data plan (and hopefully a near-term projection)? Any recommendation would be highly appreciated.

Again, thank you for the article - it's an excellent overview of the issue.