And now for something completely different

I wanted to let you know that I'm working on a startup.

It's focused on an area that I'm passionate about, information management. We think we can do something that will make a big improvement in the lives of people on the go who are overwhelmed by the flow of information through their lives, especially in business. I'm teamed up with two excellent software engineers I knew from Apple. Between us, we have a huge base of experience in both big tech companies and startups, and I feel very excited about what we're developing.

The company is in the early stages. We've already started development, and the first version of the product is about halfway done. We're raising a bit of angel funding to bring the product to market. If you're familiar with the fundraising process, you know it involves a ton of networking. In that spirit, if you're interested in what we're doing and want to talk about it, please contact me at the address here.

Between the startup work and some consulting I'm still doing to cover expenses, there isn't much time available for writing on the weblog. There are a lot of things I want to write about, and I'll try to do some posts as time permits. But in the meantime, I apologize for going quiet, and I hope that when the product goes live you'll agree that the wait was worthwhile.


Julien Boyreau said...

OK, I now understand why I had less of your always precious analysis to read :-)

Good luck for your startup : if it's as brilliant as your blog, I will definitely track it.

John said...

Good luck on the startup!

Are you at all concerned that if people Google your first name and the first name of your company, they will receive results that aren't quite what they expected? :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck !

Anonymous said...

Mike, this is great to hear. I wish you and your team the best and can't wait to hear more. Just one thing... can you reconsider the part about not posting as often? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Avid follower.
Good luck and look forward to learning more about your new startup!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you are working on something like this. I'm sure I'll love your software. I'm still "desperately seeking the info pad" :)