I'm Speaking at Mobile 2.0

FYI, I'll be speaking on a panel at the Mobile 2.0 conference September 1, 2011 in San Francisco (link).  The panel is about native apps vs. web, and should be a lot of fun, especially since Marc Davis is also on the panel.  He's a great thinker and speaker.

The Mobile 2.0 folks have offered a discount to Mobile Opportunity readers.  If you register using the code "TwentyFive" you'll get a 25% discount.


Information Workshop said...

I continue to scratch my head about conferences in this day and age. Think about all the people who could benefit from this get-together, and then about the few people who actually will. Is this just a get-together of the privileged few, and by privileged I mean the fractional subset of people who have the extra time and can afford the expense of getting there?

On top of that, multi-track conferences even shut out attendees. Are the videos going to be available? Imagine if the videos were offered for 99c each how much money would be made. The point is, you may be discussing native vs. web apps, but who is discussing closed conferences for the fractional few vs. availability to all? There is some major cognitive dissonance there.

I would LOVE to hear what you have to say Michael, and deserve to, but can't. And I'm just one of thousands.

I know you can't change this, but bring it up at the conference. Maybe someone can write an app for that. :-)