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Mobile Opportunity is a blog on the technology industry, with a special focus on mobile and wireless. During my six years at Palm and PalmSource, I was constantly surprised by the disconnect between what we believed in the mobile industry and what our end-user customers thought. The pain this causes to companies and customers is immense. The mobile data products and services we create fail more often than they succeed, and customers are often frustrated by products that almost, but not quite, do the things they need.

The name of this blog is a bit of a stretch, since I don't pretend to have all the answers on what the real opportunities are in the mobile marketplace. But this is my effort to help figure it out. I hope that by comparing notes we can all get a little smarter. Your comments are welcome; this needs to be a conversation.

Note: This is one of two blogs I’m running. The other, Stop Flying Blind, is focused on business strategy.

[March 29, 2006: Sorry for the repost of this old message. I'm finally re-launching the Stop Flying Blind weblog, and wanted to update the link to it.]


Michael said...

I am so happy that I found your two blogs! I can FINALLY get my Mace fix again!

So glad to have you accessible again!!!

Michael Mace said...

Thanks very much! --Mike