A modern marriage proposal

This has almost nothing to do with mobile computing, but I think it's cool and wanted to share it. A longtime friend and co-worker of mine proposed to his girlfriend this week. Like any good technologist, he found a Web-assisted way to do it. Check out his marriage proposal website.

By the way, she said yes.


Bridget said...

Dave and Elizabeth? I did not see that coming. Oh well. That's probably love. Well, I met my fiancee first time in our local jeweler, Indianapolis. It was actually love at first sight. We are actually the complete opposite! (Just like Dave and Elizabeth.) Maybe opposites do attract. After a year of dating, he proposed to me and gave me this remarkable engagement ring from the same jewelers in Indianapolis, where we first met.

I have to say, "Love @ first SITE" is very catchy. Hope people will meet their life partners there! More power to you!