Vote for the best mobile post of the month

The folks at the Carnival of the Mobilists give an award to the best mobile-related post of the month. But it looks like they must have forgotten to do it since August, because they just opened the voting for the best posts in August through November of last year. You can find the voting forms here. Just scroll down to see each month.

Here's how I voted:

November. I thought the best nominee was VisionMobile's post on the right data strategy for operators. It was well argued, and I agreed with it. An excerpt:

"Operators should realise that consumer service innovation most often comes from 3rd party service developers....Operators should develop platforms that link service providers with advertisers and consumers (and do it faster than Yahoo, Google and Nokia) -- in other words be service pipes, to avoid being bit pipes."

It's amazing how many of the nominated posts were commentaries on what the operators are doing wrong. You might almost say the mobilists are obsessed.

October. Although my post on whether the smartphone will kill the PC is one of the nominees, I think the best post of the month was All About Symbian's fantastic overview of Internet radio. So I voted for that one.

September. Two posts from Mobile Opportunity were nominated in this month, so I'll refrain from making any recommendation here.

August. I think David Beers deserves credit for an insightful analysis of Palm's OS plans. He spotted some subtle wording in the company's financial disclosures, and broke the story of Palm buying back its OS several months before it became common knowledge.

Full disclosure: The winning authors get $250 each from Khosla Ventures, so I guess I have a vested interest in encouraging you to vote for my stuff. But actually, I think you should vote for the posts you think are best.

There's also supposed to be a vote on the best post of the year, sometime later this month. I'll let you know when that vote begins.