Where people use mobile data

My kids have a phrase they use whenever their parents share embarrassing personal details: "Too much information!" I think that's what the folks at Astraware must have thought when they recently asked their users to describe where they play Astraware's mobile games. You know where this is going, right? "In the bathroom" was the most common reply.

I don't think the Astraware responses were unusual. If you do a web search for the phrase "mobile phone in toilet," you'll find all sorts of sad stories about mobile phones, iPods, and other devices that took an unscheduled swim. Supposedly utility fees in Helsinki are going up in part because of all the phones that end up in the sewers there.

Which applications the users choose to use depends on which usage segment they're in. The entertainment-focused users play games and listen to music. I was at a focus group once where a communication-centric user admitted that he likes to send e-mails while using the facilities. "My wife hates it," he said.

So don't feel guilty about using that application while you're, uh, otherwise occupied. Just make sure you keep your device away from the water. And if it does take a swim, and you're tasteless enough to want to re-use the device, don't dry it in a microwave oven.


Unknown said...

Well, yeah, I must admit, there's some truth about that ;-)

Dean Bubley said...

Apparently it's also where a lot of mobile TV gets used as well. But this doesn't get discussed too much, as I guess it could impact potential advertisers' decisions.....